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Investor Visa

    An entrepreneur visa is a gateway for businessmen and investors to take their business abroad and spread their scope across another country. Each country has different norms for granting these visas. The amount of time that needs to be spent in the country has to be declared and adhered to strictly. However, applications of extensions are also a fair possibility.

    Having the idea for a brilliant new venture often requires you to sow your seeds far and wide; this is exactly why entrepreneurs and investors require a visa specific to their needs. If you want to set up a business abroad, or are looking to invest in one then an investor visa is what you require. It needs a very particular set of documents and permissions as well as interview before such a visa is granted. Different countries offer different durations of stay under this visa. New Zealand, for example, offers the entrepreneur visa from six months to two years, and the holder can later apply for a residency under entrepreneur residence category.

    Investor visas are particularly geared towards attracting skilled migrants by host countries. This visa is highly supported by nations around the world because these individuals are seen as people who are going to invest in the communities of the country they are starting their business in. The prospect of having more successful businesses that are not only productive but also providing employment to various others is something every country wants to capitalize on. Some countries, like the UK, need proof that you have access to about 200,000 pounds, or basically the investment capital required to start the business.
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