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Dependent Visa

    • If an individual is legal resident of the country or, in some cases, has a legal non-immigrant status, he/she is allowed to apply for dependent visas for their nearest family members. This can be children, adopted children, parents or spouses. A dependent visa requires a very particular set of documents that need to be submitted and applications that need to be filled.
    • A dependent visa has a very particular set of requirements and needs information from the applicants that has to be filled with great care. Each country has unique rules about dependents and these are often subject to change, having expert guidance for these are important to successfully apply for a dependent visa. Some countries, like Australia, allow your partner, who you are not married to, to get a dependent visa provided you can prove that you have lived together for more than twelve months, married couples simply need to produce their marriage certificate.
    • Some countries also allow dependent visa holders the permission to work a certain number of hours every week. A student visa holder can also nominate their spouse or child for a dependent visa and have they come over to the country they are studying at. However, a dependent visa requires an undertaking from the sponsor that the individual being issued the visa will return back to the country of their origin. Once again, there are innumerable documents that need to be attached along with forms that need filling and it is important to have an expert guide you through this process.

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