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Business Visa

    • A business visa helps an individual gain entry to the country of their choice, albeit for a limited period of time, for work purposes. These could be many ranging from consultations to conducting pertinent business meetings, contractual negotiations, attending conferences, exhibitions or conventions etc. These visas require a great attention to detail in terms of filling out the necessary forms and making sure all the documents are in order.
    • With the world growing smaller every day it is essential to spread your company’s horizons abroad. Traveling abroad for this purpose requires you to have a business visa. It could be something as simple as securing funding for your startup, attending exhibitions or conferences regarding your industry or even a simple meeting with a prospective client, a business visa are what will help you get you to the country you need to go.
    • Having essential documents like the letter of invitation, along with additional information regarding the visit, supporting documentation for the same, among other things, is crucial to a successful application. These documents and letters need to be carried to the interview and copies are to be separately filed with the embassy or consulate. The process has a vast array of nitty-gritty’s that need to understood, acknowledged and worked around. Having an expert opinion on this is the best way of saving you the trouble of the business visa getting rejected and then reapplying.

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