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      • Austria, which is officially known as the republic of Austria is a country that is landlocked with borders shared by Germany, Czech republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It covers an area of 83,855 square kilometers and has a population of roughly 8.47 million people. Although geographically smaller than the state of Maine in USA, there is a rich heritage and high reputation of being a formidable place for students who would like to know more about study opportunities in Austria and intend to pursue higher studies. Austria has produced such stalwarts as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sigmund Freud and Ludwig Wittgenstein In addition, it has also given the world Arnold Schwarzenneger and some other famous people in history Although it is a small country when it comes to size, but there is a world of information on study in Austria that can help students intending to make this country their destination for further studies. It is a known fact that the universities in Austria are highly international given the fact that 15% of the total student population comprises of students from other parts of the world. However, if advanced research programs are included, the percentage rises to around 20%.

    Why study in Austria?

    Although the overall size of Austria as a country is small, it is hardly a reason for not coming to Austria for higher studies. There is a collection of reasons for students to flock to this country that is roughly the size of Maine, a state in the USA. Additionally, population wise, it is home to a population that is less than that of London or Paris. In contrast to the size of its population, Austria is home to a number of universities that have produced some of the best in a lot of fields from music to art and everything in between. Students who aim to study in Austria can choose from a plethora of universities.  
      • These universities form a part of the framework that are known as institutions that impart quality tertiary education.
      • In addition, the following are some of the aspects that score highly when it comes to furthering one's education in Austria.
        • (A) Austrian institutions have set examples in many fields of study that have encouraged students to look at Austria as a favorite destination for further education.
        • (B) A broad spectrum of educational opportunities as also engineering study in Austria is available to students desirous of making Austria their preferred country to gain knowledge beyond academics.
        • (C) Most of the universities teaching applied sciences offer bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs.
        • (D) In addition to the above, there are diploma programs that are offered after the completion of the above.
        • (E) The overall cost of education in Austria is low because of many provisions by the government of Austria.
        • (F) Different universities have differing rules for waiver of fees or reimbursement which can be enquired with them on their site or with study in Austria consultants before applying.
        • (G) One of the unique features that is rarely seen in other countries is that Austrian education is unrestricted in access even to stateless people.
        • (H) Although most of the courses are taught in the German language, there are a few which are imparted in English.
    With such facilities and incentives, it will be difficult for students to resist Austria as a preferred destination for further studies.
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