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Study in Ireland

    Ireland is a tiny island nation that has many modern cities along with a pristine countryside. The forests and rich natural history of Ireland are legendary. It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque countries of the world. Ireland has a long history of famous people and places and is known for its commitment to excellence in all endeavors. Ireland is an English speaking nation that is renowned world over for its friendly people and warm reception of foreigners. Ireland is known for its academic excellence. The Irish have always placed a very strong value on Study and research. Irish colleges are famous for their academic excellence and diverse courses. Four Nobel laureates in Literature have been from Ireland and excellence has become a tradition in Ireland. The capital city, Dublin is a vibrant place that is the center of the entire Irish economy.  

    Why study in Ireland?

    • Most of the Irish universities are ranked among the best in the world and they offer programs in many areas so that there is a course suited to every student. • Ireland is the ideal place for English speakers as students would not have to learn a second language and will be able to have the study abroad experience without the difficulties faced in a non-English speaking country.. • Ireland is the place for literature enthusiasts. The home of Years and Shaw, there is no other country that is more suited to the study of literature. If you have an interest in literature, you have to study in Ireland. • Ireland’s capital - Dublin is a vibrant and youthful city that has a strong combination of culture and history. Restaurants and music of Dublin is second to none. • For lovers of art, the Galway Art Festival is something that cannot be missed. It is one of Ireland’s most important annual events and every art aficionado should see it. • Ireland has many world heritage sites that you can visit in your free time. It had the Giant’s Causeway as well as the Guinness factory. Blarney Castle and Blarney stone are also major tourist destinations and should be visited. And it goes without saying that the National Museum of Ireland is a must visit for anyone who travels to the country. It has many archeological and historical relics right from the prehistoric era.  

    Emerging Sectors

      • 1.The Irish economy is dominated by its IT sector which represents one third of Ireland's total exports, sales of approximately €50 billion per annum with 70,000 skilled people employed. Ireland has proven itself as an excellent location for IT companies with many of the world's top companies already located here and taking advantage of Ireland's unique offering.
      • 2.Ireland is also one of the leading locations for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. Biotechnology is the major growth segment of the pharmaceutical industry and one of Ireland's most successful business sectors with over €4.5 billion invested by companies to date. The sector now accounts for over 30% of all new drugs in development.
      • 3. Ireland remains a welcoming location for international financial services firms hence representing further employment in the country's financial IT sector. Accountants, auditors, investment bankers and tax specialists are in demand.
      • 4. Moreover, given Ireland's geographical make, the green sector holds strong potential with a value currently estimated at €3.6 billion.

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