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Migrate To Australia

    Australia can be the answer for your dreams if you’re looking to immigrate to a country that has amazing natural beauty and a host of opportunities. Australia’s great coastline covers 59,736 Km; the country is the smallest continent and the largest island in the world. The weather conditions have two climatic zones: The tropical zone and the temperate zone. Tourism in Australia is popular among the tourists across the world for globally renowned for its sun-kissed beaches as well as snow-clad mountains. Australia is essentially a year- round tourist destination.

    Capital and City Centers

    Canberra, inland from the country’s southeast coast is often fondly called the bush capital because of its proximity to forests, farmland and nature reserves. Other major city centers that are popular landing spots for new immigrants include:
        • Sydney
        • Melbourne
        • Brisbane
        • Perth
        • Adelaide


    Australia doesn’t have any official language, because of its immigration history. But its national language is English. Aside from English, the languages spoken are: Mandarin, Italian, Cantonese, and Greek.

    The Economy

    Australia is one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world and offers many lucrative job opportunities. According to statistics it was the 12th largest economy by nominal GDP in 2012, and has only grown stronger since. The services sector, which is dominating factor in the growth of the Australian economy, takes up 68% of the GDP. It also ranks high when it comes to standard of living and per-capita purchasing power, moving past even UK and Germany.

    Pastimes and Attractions

    Australia is well-known as the sporting capital of the world. Australians indulge in variety of sports like cricket, football, horse racing, and surf-boarding etc. Some really pristine beaches across the country offer the promise of a good time-out for students studying there or families living there. Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney have great dining opportunities and offer amazing shopping options. The country has some of the most world-class museums and other cultural attractions.
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