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MBBS in Ukraine

    The very meaning of the name Ukraine, which stands for ‘land on the edge’ hints at the yet-to-be-discovered experiences that this Eurasian land promises. Located at the very edge of Russian borders on one side and Poland, Slovakia and Hungary on the other, this budget-friendly European locale is enriched with colors of tradition. One of the largest countries in Europe, Ukraine houses around 46 million people. While the official language is Ukrainian, Russian is also widely spoken throughout the country. The education prevalent in the country has a rich historical background, which has given rise to some of the renowned names in scientific research. The academic culture of this land, known for its prolific and vivid literature, music and architecture, has earned global appreciation. With its unique and diverse ethos, this recently liberated land holds out the promises of a plethora of exciting opportunities in varied fields for you. Mingling the influences of the Eastern and Western cultures, Ukraine has matured into a cultural melting pot.  

    Why Study in Ukraine?

      Whether as a tourist destination or as a hub of outstanding educational quality, Ukraine has attracted the attention of aspiring students and travelers from around the world. People from across the nations travel to this extreme European frontier to experience the awe and grandeur of ancient architecture steeped in historical glamour. The opulent and ethnic flavor of the Ukrainian literature, influenced by the Eastern and Christian orthodoxy, reflects the diverse culture of this beautiful nation. The visitors to this realm of fantastical and colorful culture swear by the warmth and ardor of the people belonging to this country. With a fascinating history coloring the background of the country, Ukraine will draw you in within its intricate folds of antiquity. The affordability, temperate climate and the advantages of educational excellence and career opportunities has fascinated youth to come to this land for being a part of all that this country entails.  

    Education History of Ukraine

    The excellence of the education existing in Ukraine is regarded with eminence by the leading educationists around the world. It has a proud lineage of educationally superior students, academics and graduates emerging from the universities and educational institutes of Ukraine. With its longstanding history of pioneering revolutionary research, the education system prevailing in Ukraine has made it a tempting center for aspiring medical and research oriented career seeking candidates. From the late 16th and 17th century, Ukraine has been housing reputable academic establishments within its regions that are at par with the Western education system. The modern and reformed education curriculum offered by the leading medical institutes and universities in the country has the potentiality to rival the highest standards of educational systems prevailing anywhere in the world. Ukraine is famous for having some of the oldest and well-renowned universities in the world. In recent years, the number of academic institutions has increased by a huge number thereby attracting more and more students to come to the country and get enrolled in the reputed universities here.  

    Geography of Ukraine

    As Ukraine is known for its exceptional higher educational and research oriented facilities, you are bound to come across universities of international repute around the country. With extensive geographical space, the country’s landscape consists of fertile plains crossed by various famous rivers, namely Dnieper, Seversky Donets, Danube and Dniester. The southern coast of the country is flanked by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. All in all, the country of Ukraine has diverse geographical features. The nation is comprised of twenty four provinces. It has attained its independence within the recent years and has brought about a more composed approach to its educational system. In general, the landscape of the country has a variety of geographical features. Yet, the modernism of the cities and the naturalism of the landscapes have blended in perfect ease within the landscapes of Ukraine.  

    Visa Entry

    To avail the best of the education in universities of Ukraine, the first and foremost thing that you require is the Invitation Letter from the respective university. The Invitation Letter qualifies a student to apply to the Ukraine Embassy or Consulate for the student visa. There is much documentation involved for processing the Visa. According to the course and the level of course that you choose, your documentation will depend. You need a copy of your passport, which has to be valid for two years.   You need to provide 8 copies of the photograph. Another import document is the medical certificate issued by any hospital that is approved by the embassy. Another important document is the certificate that declares that you are free from HIV/AIDS. You have to submit a copy of your birth certificate and also pass certificate of your higher secondary examination. You also need to submit a copy of your medical insurance.  

    Living Cost

      Apart from the tuition fees, the students have to take care of the other expenses in Ukraine. Generally the living cost of the country is low in comparison to the other countries. The students do not have to shell out large amounts in order to lead a comfortable life in Ukraine. On an average, the students have to spend about $1200 to $1500 per year to meet the other expenses. The expenses that students have to take care are the expenses for their accommodation, medical expenses and other charges. Food is relatively cheap in Ukraine than in other countries of the world. For travelling around the city and the country, the students get pass from their respective universities. During the summer vacation, the students are awarded pass to travel in CIS and other European countries. The students get discounts in the range of 30 to 40 percent for travelling in train, bus and by air. After their admission to the university, the international students are given concession cards that entitle them about 30 percent concession on air ticket price.  

    Ukraine Education System

    Ukraine prides itself with top quality universities. These universities are recognized to international bodies including that of UNESCO and World Health Organisation. The courses offered by these universities are affiliated and accredited by the government of Ukraine. For the students coming from across the border, the universities offer Specialist, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. As a part of the Bologna process, the education system in the country is constantly under the process of modification. Apart from these, students can also pursue postgraduate and doctoral degrees. These courses encompasses of both theoretical and practical training. Internship, residential training, mastership forms an integral part of the course. The duration of the courses are also different. Every academic year of these courses consists of 12 months, and it is bifurcated into two semesters. Generally the first one starts in the first week of September till the last day of January and the second from February to mid July.  

    Scholarship and Financing

    Ukraine is known for its low fee structure and low cost of living. The international students have to self finance their entire education in the country. Generally the universities in Ukraine do not provide any form of scholarship to their international students. The universities help the students in arranging accommodation, conducting tests related to health and opening bank accounts for students with international banks. For the international students, it is always advisable to carry ready cash when arriving to the country for the first time to meet up the immediate expenses. There are offices of foreign exchange in different parts of the country, so if the students want to cash their travelers’ check, they can do it with ease. To handle your finances well, you can seek the help of financial advisers, often attached to the different medical universities. Few of the universities have faculties solely dedicated to the international students they can help you with funding.
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