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MBBS in Malaysia

    Malaysia is a country of diversity. It is home to numerous ethnic groups, races and religions. Its geographical location is almost as diverse as its culture. Malaysia, known as the gateway to Asia, has just about the right balance of city life and nature. From Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Twin Towers to rainforests, Malaysia has a bit of everything.

    Benefits of studying in Malaysia

    1. Multicultural environment where students get to know various people from different religion and culture. 2. A politically stable country. 3. International standard of education, with post-study work opportunities. Since Malaysia looks for skilled workers, the industries are in need for good graduates always. 4. A range of programmes are on offer for students, along with twinning programmes and programmes that are on offer by branch campuses. 5. Straightforward immigration procedures that make it easier for students to transit to the country. 6. Safe country for international students. As per the Global Peace Index, Malaysia ranks 29th on the list of most peaceful country in the world, out of a list of 163 countries. 7. Fantastic travel destination for travelholics! 8. Malaysia is a food haven for those who can’t live without experiencing some incredible cuisines in the world. 9. Students can receive degrees from countries like the UK, the USA and Australia. 10. Last but not least, Malaysia is an affordable study destination for students.


    Malaysia is one of the most developed countries in Asia with Kula Lumpur as the capital city. It is one of Asia’s top tourist destination with well-structured cities and roads with a lot of natural resources. The Malaysian education system is one of the best education systems in the world with modern technologies and facilities. The Medical stream is highly developed in Malaysia and a student’s first choice to study MBBS in an Asian country will be Malaysia. The students who like to study MBBS abroad then Malaysia is the best option for your MBBS studies. The implementation of NEET as eligibility for the MBBS admission in India and students are provided admissions in Indian medical college on the basis of marks obtained in the NEET examination. A large number of Indian students who wish to study MBBS in India are not able to get admission in the Indian medical colleges. The only option for Indian students who are not able to obtain high marks in NEET examination is to study in a foreign country. Most of the south Indians opts to study MBBS in Malaysia. Malaysia is like a second home for south Indians. Tamil is also an official language of Malaysia so a good number of students from Tamil Nadu study their MBBS in Malaysia. The Universities which provides MBBS or MD education and are affiliated with MQA (Malaysian Qualifying Authority), WHO (World Health Organisation) WDOMS ( world directory of medical schools, FAIMER (The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research), WFME ( World federation of Medical Education) are listed below.
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