Nexus Consultants is providing professional services to students wishing to make their carrier overseas by undertaking further education. We feel immense pleasure in entering 12th year of our establishment.
Education is an important human activity. It was born with the birth of the human race and shall continue to function as long as the human race lives. The importance of education may be summed up as under.

1. An essential human virtue.
2. A necessity for society.
3. Important for integration of separate entities.
4. Gives significance of life.
5. Educated men are .superior. Aristotle
6. Sign of freedom. Epictetus
7. A controlling grace. Diogenes
8. Basis of good life.
Nexus Consultants trained, well qualified and highly motivated staff is willing to help you in the way to achieve it, in major universities of the countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, Cyprus, Singapore and all around the globe.

Career Counselling
  • Find out any suitable course and college/university that is useful to you in your life and its in your desired arena. And, make sure that in your mind, that the expenditure occured on that course. Prepare a rough sketch about it and discuss it with others.
Application Process
  • Taking admission to the desired school/college or university at any place. Paid up the amount which is necessary to get admission and reach there. Also, make some arrangement for your living.
Visa File & Interview Preparation
  • By providing all necessary information , your educational and experiece documents and the admission letter from the college- means confirmation of your study in abroad. Also, make cleanness of your family liquidity and finance status that helps you in your study.

    Through the VFSs in all over india, Its very easy to know that you got visa or not. Keeping wait for sometime and then cheer up for your life.

    Submission of File, may lead to visa interview, so be prepare for visa interview.

    Confidence and preparedness will serve you well, as will the following tips to help you prepare for your visa interview.
Visa Approval - Ready for Departure.
  • Successfully passing of Visa Interview and getting Visa.
Visa Refusal - Go for Re-Applying/Appealling
  • In case of not successfull to get visa, prepare yourself for re-applying or making appeal against your visa descision taken by the govenment of choosen country.
PreDeparture Orientation
  • We are happy to help in booking of airline tickets, for FOREX, for your living requirements, and much more for your life.

    Assistance in your life at new place where you want to go for study.
Post Landing Support
  • Making necessary arrangements for airport pickup and living at new place, with intially cost effective life of yours.
We are committed to ensuring that students receive a worthwhile, productive and high quality experience overseas.